Entrainer for Linux

Posted by download in Other, Software on 29-12-2009

Application details

Entrainer is a Java program which creates binaural beat frequencies with light and sound for the purpose of entraining one's brain waves. Brain wave entrainment is about stimulating the brain to resonate at a desired Frequency. The two techniques used by Entrainer to achieve this is through the use of light and sound. The lower limit of human hearing is about 20Hz. As many of the more interesting states of consciousness occur at much lower frequencies, these frequencies are generated via binaural beats - two slightly different tones, one in each Ear, the difference being the desired frequency. This release of Entrainer allows the addition of Intervals to the base frequency. The chromatic scale is included as well as the Golden Ratios, and the program allows user-defined intervals to be created. The intervals can also be included in Entrainer programs. Under the hood, the classes have been decoupled using a variation of the Mediator pattern in preparation for future development and more effective use of the JSyn sound libraries provides the flexibility necessary for the interval subarchitecture.




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