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Application details

SatHunter is a program for calculating the orientation of a satellite antenna. SatHunter contains all the necessary information for adjusting the satellite doublet antenna to the selected satellite. The adjustment is made with the help of available tools (a Compass or a Protractor, a plumb, a tape measure) and requires neither expensive Equipment nor deep knowledge about satellite television. SatHunter An easy-to-use tool that will help you to align a satellite system and easily find the Signal from a satellite. The program has many features, such as: Sat azimuth, Sat elevation, Transponder list, DVB Tuner and more. SatHunter - Find TV satellites in the sky. Main features: * Calculates the azimuth and elevation angle. * Provides a list of satellite transponders for setting up the receiver. * Calculates the solar azimuth angle. * Calculates the time when the satellite and solar azimuth angles coincide. * Calculates the antenna offset angle and tilt. * Points the antenna using the azimuth with the help of the Sun and a protractor. * Points the antenna using the azimuth with the help of a compass. * Adjusts the elevation angle with the help of a tape measure and a plumb. * Detects coordinates by IP or by using a list of cities. * Detects time using an exact time server. * Scans transponders with a SkyStar DVB card. * View signal level and quality with sound signalization. * Free for private home use.




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