SPAMfighter Mail Gateway

Posted by download in Other, Software on 29-12-2009

Application details

SPAMfighter Mail Gateway integrates perfectly with the Company's existing e-mail infrastructure to secure the company e-mail environment. It is easy to install and use with no daily maintenance tasks needed. SPAMfighter Mail Gateway is based on SPAMfighter's unique world-wide community with over 6 million users SPAMfighter Mail Gateway is powered by 6,102,850 SPAMfighters from 224 countries/areas. If enough SPAMfighters report the same spam e-mail, it is instantly removed from all SPAMfighters and users. This means instant spam Protection with no configuration or maintenance. SPAMfighter Mail Gateway integrates seamlessly with Windows and handles up to 80.000 emails per hour with a minimum hardware demand. Industry standard hardware can handle 200.000+ emails per hour. Fully capable of installation in virtual windows environments (VMWare, Virtual Server, Hyper V etc.). Features * Extremely low false positive rate * Instant protection against spam and phishing * Privacy guaranteed - your emails never leave your network * Distributed filtering * Support for both 32 bit and 64 bit * Multi threaded scan engine utilizing all available CPU cores * Policy and Usergroup based filtering * The biggest community based AntiSpam filtering * Low total cost of ownership (TCO) * Third Party plug-in system * Extensive statistics - possibility to give external users/customers access to specific parts




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