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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: These releases are designed to compliment the 32bit release packages. The x64 Components addons' rely on their 32bit counterparts registry information being present upon installation. If you are experiencing issues, please ensure that you also have the 32bit release installed. The latest releases contain a new Settings Application which enables the user to choose a different splitter 'on the fly' for specific FileTypes. The application also lets you to choose from eight different speaker configurations from 'same as input' and all the way up to full 7,1 channel output. Some Useful Information 2 Versions of Windows Media Player exist on x64 systems. There is a 32bit version stored in Program Files (x86) and a 64bit version stored in Program Files x64 Windows uses the 32bit player as the system default. The installed components of this release include shortcuts to allow you to change the system's default player from the 32bit to 64bit player. Observation noted One other Aspect of Windows Media Player(s) on x64 systems needs to be mentioned. If you associate a particular filetype to Open With WMP while the system default is set to use the 64bit player, that filetype will always open the 64bit player when double-clicked. This occurs even if you change the system default back to using the 32bit player.




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