GNU Solfege

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Application details

Solfege is free music education software. Use it to train your rhythm, interval, scale and chord skills. Solfege - Smarten your ears! Features Recognise melodic and Harmonic Intervals Compare interval sizes Sing the intervals the computer asks for Identify chords Sing chords Scales Dictation Remembering rhythmic patterns News in version 3.15.5: was broken. Had to add "." to sys.path. Don't change docbook lang from nb to no. Docbook seems to be updated to the new language code now. added script rcfile: split XXX_player info XXX_player and XXX_player_options default.config: default value for app/frontpage Front page editor: don't throw an exception when opening the current working Directory. don't try to show the Editor window if constructing it failed. Change default save_as dir. Always open the save_as dialog in a dir below user_data() allow to select multiple lesson files when adding exercises. An earlier fpeditor bug had caused some norwegian strings to be inserted into some front page files. Move the standard lesson files and front page files from exercises/ to exercises/standard/ We do this to make it possible to support system wide extra exercises installed into /usr/share/solfege/exercises later. Sort statistics again. Remove the help browser and htmlwidget code. simplify get_answer_status() Add spin button to adjust the accuracy required when answering rhythm tapping exercises. Simplify utils.play_note and utils.play_perc Bugfix to statistics code. Could be triggered by practising just a few questions in the "Sing interval" exercise. twelvetone: use config/default_bpm as tempo adjust to Reality since it now uses win32: use newer gtk libs. Small tweaks to get-gtk-files Adjust the Help->File Locations info box




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