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The Ultimate Solution for Your Digital Music/Video Collection! Experience Your Music/Video Collection with Automatic Album Cover Art, Randomized AutoPlay Modes, Extensive Song - Artist - and Album Listings, 3D Album Carousel, Drag & Drop Playlist, User Skins, Fast CD Ripper to fully tagged MP3s, Winamp Plug-ins and Shoutcast Radio Support, Kiosk Mode for TouchScreen Usage and Parties, 2WEB Browser Interface for remote controlling your music over a LAN or the Internet. Plus so much more! Automatically Displays Album Cover Art for your songs. Uses album art encoded in MP3 ID3 tag, cover.jpg or folder.jpg if exists. Otherwise it will automatically lookup high quality art based on the artist and album name or the artist and song title if the album name is not known. Automated music/video library import for MP3, WMA, APE, OGG, MPC, MP4, M4A, AAC, WV, WMV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, ASF, M2V. Song information is determined for files without ID3/WMA tags by the file name. i.e. track - artist - title.xxx Fast CD Ripper Converts Audio CD directly to MP3s. Automatic full ID3v2 tagging with album cover art and track Details based on Automatic CDDB lookup. Playback Method Option: * Windows Media Player (Internal): Advantages: Integrated Video Playback inside eJukebox window. Everything runs under ejukebox.exe and there is no external player process. Cons: Limited Shoutcast Internet Radio Support. No Winamp plugin support. * Winamp (External): Advantages: Full Shoutcast Internet Radio Support. Full Winamp Plugin Support. Shoutcast DSP/Internet Radio Broadcast Server Support. Cons: Video played in external winamp window rather than inside eJukebox. AutoPlay Modes: * AutoPlay Modes go into effect when there are no songs in the playlist and will continuously play until you play or add a song to the playlist. Song selection is randomized and restricted based on time/date last played, so you will always hear a song you haven't heard in awhile.




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