EasyPlanEx Pro

Posted by download in Other, Software on 30-12-2009

Application details

EASYPLANEX is a software application that provides a COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION for evaluating and optimizing all types of financial problems, because it allows you to have: 1. Understandable models. 2. Reliable results. 3. Automatic documentation of the project. 4. Library of reusable projects. 5. Auditability. 6. iNdependence from authors. 7. Higher productivity. EASYPLANEX can be used to solve following problems: 1. Evaluation and optimization of capital projects. 2. Assessment of the value of a Company. 3. Estimation of the value of common stock. 4. Optimization of inventory management. 5. Optimization of production planning. 6. Budget formulation and control. 7. Simulation of financial statements. EASYPLANEX widens the PROJECT SCOPE because it does not only evaluate the proposed case but is able to automatically evaluate all its alternatives (even thousands of combinations), showing as result the 20 best alternatives for the project. EasyPlanex is not a spreadsheet add-on. Its main features are: 1. Easy and transparent modeling, writing statements like: Sales = Volume * Price 2. IRR, VAN and VAR calculations. 3. Easy report generation (Cash Flow, balance, income statement, etc.). 4. Automatic sensitivity analysis. 5. Automatic Impact analysis. 6. Risk analysis (Monte Carlo). 7. Optimization of investment projects. 8. Automatic generation of project documentation report. 9. Built-in Financial Calculator. And, additionally: - Data import/export from/to .xls spreadsheet files. - On-line in-context help (EasyPlanEx does not have a user manual !). - Built-in self-learning course. - Bilingual English/Spanish. EasyPlanEx will help you better formulate your projects or financial problems, obtaining higher profitability and controlling the risk level.




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