Adit Testdesk

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Application details

Adit Testdesk is an ad hoc suite of tools that enables you to build tests, run them and analyze test results. Using its robust library with over 10 question types, you can create a test of any complexity level. Your test may combine true-false questions, Multiple Choice questions, matching questions, to name a few. The look of the test may be easily customized according to your needs, using not only text, but also images, tables and OLE objects. Adit Testdesk's tests have a virtually unlimited sphere of application. You can use them to test pupils' or students' knowledge in academic subjects, evaluate the personal skills and professional competence of a job applicant or an employee. Thanks to a special support of scripts, you can design psychological tests that proceed depending on previous answers. A system of Profiles allows you to use the same pool of questions with variations in different tests. Adit Testdesk delivers several programs in a single suite. They include ScriptMaker, Editor, Reporter, Tester, Testserver and Testclient. Scriptmaker allows you to write and debug scripts and is used to create script tests. Editor lets you create and edit a test. Testserver is a tool to organize testing. It lets you manage users and groups of users and tests. Testclient is a program for running a test on a LAN. Tester is a program for running a test. With the help of Reporter, you can process test results. It allows you to create, edit, print and export reports about test results and the test procedure. For information about the differences Between the editions, see the Feature Matrix.




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