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Application details

Upload your videos directly to YouTube without having to leave trakAxPC. You have 3 different YouTube upload quality options to choose from: YouTube High Definition (HD 1280x720), YouTube High Quality (HQ 640x480) and YouTube Low Resolution (Lo Res 640x360 ). Give your videos and photo slideshows that professional touch by adding start and end credits quickly and easily. Place text on top of videos or photos and add effects to your text to give your mix a funky look. Collaging is a great new feature which allows you to display two or more videos / images together in the same output screen. Using the zooming and vertical / horizontal offset functions, you can control where each screen is displayed within the collage and final output screen. trakAxPC allows you to export a segment, selection, loop region or entire mix to popular file formats such as MP3, AAC, MP4, M4A, WAV etc. Convert previously saved files to popular file formats with no fuss. You can now easily convert files from Wav to MP3, WMA to M4A, AVI's to Mp4 and more with One Click. Simply drag and drop your loops, songs, videos and photos into the mixing screen and start getting creative. TrakAxPC comes with a range of video, photo and audio effects and transitions - adding a professional touch to your mixes. Includes professional audio effects from Blue Cat Audio. With our new beat-matching technology, users can mix any tracks or loops with different BPMs (beats per minute) seamlessly for a professional sound. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced mixer, TrakAx gives you the tools to create music and videos in a creative and fun way.




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