Comodo Internet Security 4

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Holiday Sale! 50% Off Comodo Internet Security Pro A firewall is your first line of defense in protecting private information. Our award-winning firewall is designed to Prevent unauthorized hackers from obtaining your private information. Prevent, Protect and Defend your computer against attacks. Comodo's antivirus software will scan your computer AND remove viruses on a schedule that works for you. Defense+ proactively protects your critical operating system files, registry entries and personal data from internal attacks by root-kits, key-loggers, Trojans and other malware. Version 3.11.108364.552 : 25th August, 2009 * IMPROVED! Memory Scanner now includes more advanced techniques to Detect viruses in memory * FIXED! AV consumes huge memory while scanning some compressed files * FIXED! AV reports incorrent archive names under some circumstances * FIXED! AV causes freezes in 64 bit operating systems under certain circumstances * FIXED! AV crashes while scanning certain packed files * FIXED! Sometimes windows updates can not be installed while CIS is installed




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