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Application details

GGCad is a software that generates g-code. It is designed as an intuitive CAD application. Its philosophy which differs from classical tools that you can find, makes it as the indispensable software for both new users and experts. Its way of working used the "wysiwyg" method : What you see is what you get. GGCad brings to the user drawing tools the are found in usual CAD system : shapes like points, lines, circles, arcs, ellipses, texts, splines, as well as transformation tools rlike otation, symmetry, scale, moving. GGCad has a level philosophy. Each level has its own objects, and working plan description. The code generation is done sequentially. Each level will be processed one after the other, following the order defined in the tree. Then, inside each level, each object will be processed following the defined order. This gives the designer a great usability in the orders generation. As for example, you can order a process to make first holes, drilling, then the edge. Features : Reading DXF files Reading SVG files Importing airfoils Exporting airfoils Available shapes: Point Line Circle Ellipse Text (any TrueType font) Spline (Bezier, Natural Cubic, Polygon) Shapes shares common properties : Colour Visible Add 'pre-command' Levels: Colour Visible Feed rate Plunge rate Deep Maximum height pass Tool number Spindle speed Spindle direction (clockwise, counter clockwise) Cooling (mist, flood) Constant velocity CAD: Bullnose Bevelled edge Object positioning to another Horizontal Vertical Joint an object to another Object division Symmetry Rotation Scaling Optimization of the [Shortest path] function Unicode character support from DXF files Job rank number displaying with arrows [Create a path for selected shapes] function [Add a Frame] special function Level properties displayed following document type GCode orders can be modified, see file [C:Program FilesGGCadpluginsgcode.txt]




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