Outlook Add-in Collection

Posted by download in Other, Software on 02-02-2010

Application details

The Outlook Add-in collection includes Outlook Timestamp, Outlook Template Manager (SME), Outlook Delete Duplicate Contacts, Outlook Delete Duplicate Emails and Outlook Automatic Printing who all can be used with any Microsoft Outlook Version (Outlook 2000 - Outlook 2010). Outlook Template Manager - Share and use the same Email Templates across a small workgroup. With this tool sales or marketing teams can share the email templates they use with each other and with that make a consistent front towards it's costumers. Includes options for Active Directory integration. Outlook Timestamp - With Outlook timestamp you will be able to automatically place a small timestamp in the subject or footer of the mailbody in any outgoing emails. This tool is good for quick organisation of emails and wont change across multiple accounts. Included is a small signature manager that is Active Directory enabled as well. Outlook Delete Duplicate Email and Outlook Delete Duplicate Contacts - Can search your local outlook account and remove dublicate emails or contacts across folders and more. With this tool you can clean up your outlook account quickly. Outlook Automatic Printing - can send attachments and emails to a specific printer without any user intervention at all. Good when you need to print orders, Invoices or similar from specific clients.




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