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Application details

The claims service of any insurance Company is an important and crucial service, it is the claim service which we rely on in the unfortunate event that things go wrong. Processing claims through one common claims management system that enhances the efficiency of the insurance claims process while reducing costs helps insurance organizations to offer unparalleled customer experience, loss-cost management excellence and world-class efficiency. Automation allows companies to undertake virtually paperless insurance claim processing & claims management where the resulting savings are passed on to customers. With insurance claims management system, companies can send information from one center of expertise to another in different parts of the world instantly. This improves efficiency and communications by linking everyone involved in the process - adjusters, managed care case managers and the customer - into one electronic claim file. The insurance Claims Processing System also includes an optional online claim application system (licensed separately). Customers are the best source of information about the nature of their losses. The more detailed information they provide, the faster a company can assign the claim to one of their claims offices for handling. This module provides the facility of entering the claim information online. The claim information is electronically routed to the Insurance Company and entered in the Claim Management System. Automatic emails are generated confirming that the claim was received, and at the same time an email is sent to the relevant staff member about the claim received for further processing.

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