Sylpheed 3.0.0 Beta 7/

Posted by download in Other, Software on 03-02-2010

Application details

Sylpheed is an email client and News Reader based on GTK+ GUI toolkit. The application is full of features designed to help you get more from your messages and improve the speed at which you receive and process news feeds. Simple, beautiful, and well-polished user interface Sylpheed adopts 3-paned display Similar to the popular e-mail clients for Windows such as Outlook Express and Becky. So it is easier to use it on the first time. Comfortable operationality The user-interface is constantly improved, and Sylpheed achieves attentive, comfortable operationality. Especially the operationality of keyboard is taken count of, so you can sequentially read mails efficiently. Of course, you can use easy mouse-only operation. You can also customize the behavior of mail display in detail. Well-organized, easy-to-understand configuration Each configuration item is well-organized, so you can easily configure Sylpheed when you start using it. The default settings are also cared for, so you only have to configure required e-mail account settings to use it immediately (other settings can be kept as default). Sylpheed 3.0beta5 The feature to customize the color label text was added. The option to set only mail address of recipients when replying was added. When messages are added to IMAP folders, received-date information is also set using Date header (mainly for Gmail). The configure option '--disable-updatecheck' which disables the update check feature was added. The configure option '--enable-silent-rules' is enabled if automake is equal or greater than 1.11. A workaround for crash caused by enchant with zemberek was added (requires dbus-GLib-1 if enchant is equal or greater than 1.4.2). The bug that caused freeze when remote IPC commands were executed. The bug that IMAP caches with UIDs larger than INT_MAX were never deleted was fixed.




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