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Application details

FlashPipe is a highly configurable data "piping" program that can be set up to transfer data from Flash Cards to one or multiple Locations with just the click of a button. Please read this short manual in its entirety so that you understand the options available. If FlashPipe doesn't copy or move files exactly as you would expect or like you normally copy/move files, it is likely that it can be configured to do exactly what you want and cater to your individual workflow simply by changing some settings. # "One Click and done" formula eliminates copying/pasting in explorer windows # Set up copy/move operations the first time to suit your needs # FlashPipe opens automatically when a flash card is inserted # Click "Go" and all operations are performed # Transfer from multiple flash cards of same/different types in one "Go" # Copy or move photos to one location and videos to another if you wish # Copy or move to one or multiple locations, even other PC's on a network # Customize your file names with user definable auto-renaming # Automatically develop all your raw photos after copy/move is complete! # FlashPipe has its own fully automatic raw converter: no other tools needed! # Create downsized email/web size copies automatically, every time # File sizes on destination are verified on all transfers to ensure no data loss # Use "move" operations to empty the card so that it is ready for more shots # 7 day trial available: see downloads link on left # Free upgrades for one year!




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