Secure Data Manager

Posted by download in Other, Software on 04-02-2010

Application details

The SDM application was created to help you manage your passwords and other private information for web sites, computers, contacts, and other programs within one secure application. A fully functional, open source, free, Password manager! No limit or restrictions to the application. We are currently using SunJCE crypto (specifically DES 56-bit encryption with a 1024 bit MD5 Hash Algorithm)... with more algorithms to come. In the near future, you will be able to pick the algorithm of your choice if it has been plugged into our application. Future releases will support the ability to share passwords Between your computers over the internet and with your PDA and handheld device. JDK1.4+ is the only JDK currently supported. CURRENT FEATURES - Version 2.1 each data entry contains: title, category, username, password, email, url, notes, other, expire date, date created, date modified add, update, delete entries entries can be folders automatically by adding entries to them save and open encrypted data configure the emails and categories in one place so they can be easily added to the entries application configuration information stored in XML file save emails, categories and types with the encrypted data search / find next within any text field and date field internationalization - language support added for: DK, DT, IT data export - to comma delimited file (CSV) and XML data import - from comma delimited file (CSV) and XML generate random passwords Lock application when unattended hide passwords from view (turns passwords to '****') print an entry and list table view of the data with sorting plugin architecture to support selectable encryption algorithms plugin architecture for Preferences - all preferences will be stored as XML and loaded on startup types feature - organize entries by type. show only the data you need. customize user defined types via typeMapping.xml file




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