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Auto Backup for MySQL (the old name is MySQL Auto Backup), is a powerful Windows program that makes it easy to schedule the backing up and restoring of your remote and local MySQL databases. It's easy to backup one or many MySQL databases, and restore them to the same server, or to any server. Auto Backup for MySQL uses reliable TCP/IP protocol to backup and restore your MySQL databases. It's easy to backup MySQL databases, tables and views to SQL or PHP files. And it's easy to export MySQL tables and views to CSV, XML, HTML, and text files. Auto Backup for MySQL can backup MySQL databases to the other server or to the other database. The program can backup all newly-created databases and tables on the MySQL server, automatically. You can to customize the scheduler so that the program would automatically make the backup from the MySQL databases daily, weekly, monthly, any special date or time interval. Auto Backup for MySQL works as a stand-alone utility, and does not require any additional software. It's not necessary to have MySQL installed on your local computer to perform backups or restores. Main features of Professional Edtion 1. Compress the backup SQL files. 2. Unlimited size databases (greater than 100GB) are supported. 3. High-speed backup and restore databases. 4. Use buffer mode to speed up a task. 5. Work as a Windows Service (do not need to login for backing up). 6. Backup files manager. 7. Restore databases from SQL and compressed files. 8. Backup string fields to Hex codes. 9. Backup Index, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions and Events. 10. Each file contains all databases or a selected database or a selected table. 11. Email Notice Script is supported if a task failed or an error occured. 12. Backup all newly-created databases and tables on the MySQL server automatically.




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