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Application details

TextTransformer is a worldwide unique tool that soon will become the indispensable helper for your various text remodeling tasks: * Multiple replacements of words * Extraction of informations * Validation of data (syntax check) * Calculation and evaluation of data records * Conversion of different file formats * Instrumentation of source code * Translation * Development of script languages The examples are demonstrating that the TextTransformer is a word processing in the true meaning of the word: it makes possible to process the contents of a text by analyzing (parsing) the syntactic form of plain texts. You easily can use the TextTransformer, even if you never heard about the technologies on which the program is based. The TextTransformer integrates a Parser Generator, a debugger and a c++ interpreter into a single workbench. new: 1. Child nodes of a node or dnode can be sorted now by means of the functions sortChildrenA or sortChildrenD according to their labels in alphabetically ascending or descending order. 2. In the variable inSpector there is an additional button now, by which the history list of the variables can be cleared.




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