Rent Roll Manager

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Application details

Rent Roll Manager is property management software. It is an effective database driven software solution for the property manager. It has extensive report capabilities and manager, owners, accounting, building, unit and active or inactive tenant tracking. It helps you keep track of late payments, leases and work orders. You can archive accounting information through a year end closing function and easily secure your data by using integrated backup and restore utilities. The building and unit screens let you store pictures such as outside or inside views or floor plans. Here’s a complete list of features: * Tracks owners, buildings, rental units, active and inactive tenants, appliances, work orders, recurring and non-recurring expenses and incomes, two-level expense and income accounts and payees. * Quick search of tenants in tenant screen. * Can archive inactive tenants when selling a building. * Tracks late expense and income payments, late leases and any Work Order. * Allows recurring expense and income payment postings. * Able to track rent increases through automatic rent indexation. * Allows multiple owners with shared buildings. Expenses and incomes are then shared based on this value. * Setup of commission flat or % rates PAID from owner to manager. * Can include pictures of buildings, units and tenants. * Form-based data entry of everything. * 18 extensive and flexible report types with unlimited combinations. * Print previews and report criteria savers. * Year end closing function that lets you archive accounting information. * Integrated backup and restore utilities for your database including a restore from version 2.0 and 3.0. * Integrated simple email editor and sender. * Can start your default Internet browser from within application. * Painless date entry. * Alerts and backup reminders. * Includes sample demonstration database.




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