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Application details

SHRIEK 1.6 -- lets you change pitch and duration of the beep. SHRIEK duration Frequency e.g. SHRIEK 250 554 Where duration is measured in milliseconds and frequency in Hertz.Shriek changes the pitch or duration of the standard system beep. When you accelerate your XT or AT clone, sometimes the ROM BIOS is not prepared for this eventuality. Beep tones may start coming out as piercing high-pitched shrieks. Beep tones may be too short in duration. Shriek is a 96-byte TSR that repairs this defect in your BIOS. You can configure Shriek for whatever pitch and duration you like best. MASM/OPTAsm source included. Copyrighted, but may be freely distributed and used for any purpose except military. Version 1.6 just displays the new address and phone number.

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