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Application details

KFSensor is designed for use in a Windows based corporate environment and contains many innovative and unique features such as remote management, a Snort compatible signature engine and emulations of Windows networking protocols. KFSensor Benefits Signature attack identification KFSensor's rule base signature engine can identify known attack patterns, which greatly helps in analyzing the nature of a event. Rules can be imported from external sources in Snort format giving access to a huge amount of security knowledge. Remote Administration Protect different Locations in the corporate network with multiple KFSensor installations and manage the process from one location. KFSensor Enterprise Edition provides remote configuration and real time concatenation of events from a single administrator machine using top of the range encryption and authentication. Simplicity The concepts behind KFSensor are easy to understand. Its configuration and operation is straightforward, requiring Minimal training and maintenance. Advanced server simulation KFSensor emulates real servers, such as FTP, SMB, POP3, HTTP, Telnet, SMTP and SOCKS to improve deception and gain more valuable information on a Hacker's motives. Advanced Features Monitors every port KFSensor Professional monitors attacks on every TCP and UDP port, as well as detecting ICMP or ping messages. It also monitors all network activity of native Windows server applications. Allowing these to act as part of a honeypot configuration. Remote administration KFSensor Enterprise Edition contains the ability to manage and monitor multiple honeypot installations. Events from different sensors across the network are concatenated in real time allowing an immediate view of attacks as they happen. KFSensor uses 3072 bit RSA public/private key authentication and 256 bit AES encryption to provide the top of the range security for communication Between sensors.




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