iTag Build

Posted by download in Other, Software on 05-02-2010

Application details

iTag is a free tool that adds title, description and keyword tags to your photos and movies. The captions you enter are embedded into each file using industry standard IPTC and XMP headers - all in a lossless operation that doesn't degrade the image. Many other applications read and write to these headers too, so once the captions have been entered using iTag they are automatically discovered and reused by online photo sharing services like Flickr, search tools such as Picasa and Copernic and many more. iTag works with your local files to do the following: -Tag photo and movie files (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAW, WMV and AVI) with Title, Description, Rating and Keywords -Adjust timestamps of photos -Geocode your photos and movies by embedding GPS coordinates using Google Earth (screenshot) Search for tagged files with iTag's powerful search engine using keyword, rating, filename or even a street address if you have geocoded photos -Search for files that are missing tags -Generate Cooliris slideshows for your local photos and movies




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