firefox 3.1 beta

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Firefox 3.1 program faster better and more safely flying fox that the standard of a new Arabic version of the creation and indexing the Internet faster and more prominent and its ability to publicity from the windows of the small rapid Battabrh the subject of todays important to me if I would not expect members will interact with the matter as to why that may be related to Mozilla Firefox browser also knows Hama the heart of a browser which Microsoft head on and make the company after Microsoft dropped all their accounts to the challenge of Hama when the giant for the first time you use the browser would not you like yourself and I can say is impossible to change the Internet Explorer browser if my brother to buy you the experience of the browser Mozilla Firefox for a period of just over a week and noted the difference Yes difference and it features a large 1 speed of the browser 2 a few of his problems and the closure of the browser 3 Security and protection of high 4 Extensions of thousands of additions and many many secrets Hama What if the browser and additions Extensions Do You Know What wonderful additions Extensions are raised today in dozens of additional programs Extensions to browser virus Fox programs Annsy It is very important that the browser when the property opened more than the same page the site known as tab.

Arab Fire Fox browser and more than a simple fine and needs no introduction ... Strong competitor to Internet Explorer ... Characterized by rapid and browse Halkalam say from personal experience as it contains features such as the organization of pages in the form of Tabz at the top of the page and also support the immediate Mirp News RSS and it is also additions of Plugins which gives you a world full of additions such as case management programs and air of course download the attached color and in which there Iems which is compatible with all the issues on windows

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