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Application details

PowerGramo Skype Recorder is a perfect skype recording solution. With it you can easily record skype calls of any kind. PowerGramo - Record skype easily Record skype calls & SkypeCasts of any kind. Totally FREE for recording skype to skype calls. Perfect audio quality. Listen to a sample Sample skype record Start and complete recording a call automatically. High-class noise and blank elimination. Support MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV audio formats. Take Memo/note while recording a call. Save skype chat messages together with voices. Seamlessly integrated with Skype. interface in skype Enhanced flexible skype answer machine. skype answer machine Record skype voicemails when you are away. Share music with callers during a skype call. Offline recorder and audio convertor. Audio convertor. Our unique technology accords PowerGramo skype recorder the ability to get audio data from within skype directly, so as to produce the best recording quality. The program securely encrypts call records together with memoire and skype text chat content. Optional password Protection will guarantee safety of your skype records. With PowerGramo, it's also very easy to share skype recordings. You can convert a skype record into a popular MP3/WMA audio file and send it to friends or upload it to websites. The embedded skype answer machine can be configured to automatically pick up calls and send personalized audio/text messages at call beginning. It enables you to record voicemails as you are away from skype, as to save the high skype voicemail fee. Actually it's more accurate to name the skype answer machine an "automatic message machine", since it works also for outgoing calls and manually answered incoming calls, in addition to automatically answered incoming calls. Moreover, PowerGramo do music sharing during skype calls. That will be quite useful for you to present audio data to callers or just play music adding life to your skype conversations.




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