Easy Computer Sync

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Application details

Easy Computer Sync lets you effortlessly synchronize your important data Between computers, so your computers always have the most up to date files. Using the industry standard USB Easy Transfer Cable, it lets you transfer data at blazing speeds, up to 480Mbps. Easy Computer Sync is the first and only software product designed exclusively for the the Easy Transfer Cable, making it one of the easiEST products to use. If you own a Netbook, Laptop, or other portable computer, you'll find Easy Computer Sync to be an essential tool for your digital life. On most computers, it's the fastest way to transfer data, period. Easy Computer Sync can help with all of your data transfer needs, whether you're a: Mobile Professional, Home/Small Business User, Student, or Multimedia Enthusiast. Once you've installed the software on each computer, all you have to is connect your computers with the Easy Transfer Cable, follow a few easy Steps in the guided wizard, and choose which folders to synchronize, such as: * My Documents * My Pictures * My Music * My Videos * Favorites * Or any other folders you choose Features: - Easy to use Wizard Interface Walks you through 3 easy steps to synchronize your data. - Netbook Compatible Designed to be fully compatible will all Netbooks. Works well on smaller screen sizes. - Designed for the Easy Transfer Cable Works with the industry standard Easy Transfer Cable. This cable is sold at all major Electronics stores and online merchants, or directly from Bravura Software. - Synchronizes Document Folders Choose from an easy to use list of commonly synchronized folders such as My Documents, My Pictures, Favorites, etc… - Synchronizes Custom Folders You can also select custom folders to synchronize, including whole drives. - Customizable Sync Options Choose from various conflict handling methods, or set the transfer direction. - Etc.




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