Super History

Posted by download in Other, Software on 10-02-2010

Application details

Super History® is the ultimate off line browser, history and Internet catalog program. It consists of two modules: One browser helper object (BHO) that makes a screen shot of each HTML document opened in the Web Browser Internet Explorer ® and saves this image as file in a collection of images created by the user. The image format is JPG. The other module is a catalog program that displays an illustrated catalog with complete document data of all web pages visited. The program writes its own browser records and does not use the browser History files. Therefore, it is more flexible than History to be customized according to user's preferences. This program makes use of the recent improvements in PC computer power, especially concerning speed, storage Capacity and graphics performance, fast broadband Internet connections, as well as latest software development, such as Microsoft® .NET(TM) Framework and C#. It provides also automatic handling of Internet Explorer® protected mode. Additional benefits * Pages that require log-in can be viewed offline immediately. * Earlier versions of pages can be compared to changed new versions. * Images and catalogs can be organized in new folders as required by topic. * SlideShow of screenshots can be created and viewed.




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