PCC Application & Hardware

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Application details

PCC(Professional Computer Control ) series of products provides utilities for users to control their computers. The major functions include File Security Controlling, USB Security Controlling, Application Controlling , and Hardware Controlling. PCC Application & Hardware Version is one of Professional Computer Control series and provides part functions of PCC series. It is easy for user to control application and hardware. The below lists some key features. Forbid some software to run Forbid some software like games running during the time you define Hide the process Hide some processes of application to Prevent them from being killed by someone Control Hardware Disable or enable some peripheral interface such as USB, floppy, CD-ROM, printer and camera in your computer The PCC software can't be uninstalled or terminated through unexpected operation The PCC software Works in the background. It still works after configuration application Exit. Password would automatically be asked when someone removes this software from computer system. The PCC configuration is saved secretly and safely Configuration can only be modified with the configuration application, and password would be asked when PCC configuration application begin. The configuration information is just obvious for administrator. Free, Award-winning customer support for all users 100% free 24x7 Technical Support 100% money-back guarantee When you purchase PCC series, your satisfaction is guaranteed. With 30 days, you can request your money back if our software doesn't do all that we say it will




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