Altova Authentic Enterpris

Posted by download in Other, Software on 10-02-2010

Application details

Altova Authentic is a free WYSIWYG XML authoring tool that allows technical writers, documentation specialists, and business users to view and edit XML and database content without being exposed to the underlying syntax. XML documents are created and edited in electronic forms via a sophisticated word processor-style interface, based on structured stylesheet designs. Authentic is ideally suited for use as the user interface element of XML-based content management systems, document frameworks, and enterprise collaboration workflows. User Interface Features * WYSIWYG word processor-style interface * Direct editing of XML files and relational databases * Real-time validation of input data * Context-sensitive entry helpers * Rich input formatting, including graphics, images, and hyperlinks * Complex table handling * Dynamic form presentation based on user input * Integrated spell-checker for up to 18 languages & vocabularies * Industry XML standards templates (DITA, DocBook, RIXML, etc.) * And much more... Developer Features * Project management support Desktop * Batch operations Desktop * Auto-calculation and business rule validation using XPath 1.0 or 2.0 * WebDav data repository integration * Interfaces with version control systems Desktop * Plug-in capability for expanded functionality * Scripting environment for forms, event handlers, & macros Desktop * ActiveX control, ASP.NET Server Control, & MCMS 2002 Placeholder Control Browser * Visual Studio & Eclipse integration Desktop * And much more




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