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Application details

The Features 1. Ability to search your favorite music within the program, and play the songs instantly! 2. Ability to play your own music from your computer within the program! 3. Ability to browse the web within the program! 4. Ability to search up lyrics, music video, or even information on the band name! 5. Ability to download the music! 6. Fast search results! 7. Aloud to have as many playlist(s) as you want! 8. Ability to easily find the specific song you want! (Using !songname in the search box) 9. Virus/Malware free! 10. FAST! Better than LimeWire and Ares! (my opinion obviously!) 11. Download music faster than ever! 12. The new suggestion box will help you get into new artists! 13. The new HotKey settings you will love, say example your in a game that is full screen, you hit that hotkey you set and you can skip to the next song, or even go back to the previous song! 14. New Interface! 15. Ability to change the default skin if you don't like it! 16. There is a new Support Center, which will give you hot tips, tutorials and help, and my contact email! 17. Updated daily, pro users will get automatic updates! 18. New Installation Setup! 19. New burning center, ability to burn music to your cds! 20. Saves information for later use, such as skin, music and download location, registration key, much more! 21. Ability to download just the song from a YouTube video or both, in the following formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, or WMV. 22. Ability to view the GINtech Systems Forums and Chat with others within MusicTuner!




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