XL Audit Commander

Posted by download in Other, Software on 31-12-2009

Application details

XL Audit Commander is a support tool to facilitate performing complex or otherwise tedious analytical procedures directly from within Excel. This Excel add-in has a Minimal “footprint” yet provides a variety of analytical tools to the Auditor/researcher. The tool is easy to use, providing summary results on the Excel status bar, and greater Details on the results page in the workbook being analyzed. The add-in is easily invoked by using the Ctrl-E keyboard combination, and closed/dismissed just as easily.To use the software, install the add-in, then open an Excel workbook. Press Control-E to start the toolbar, use the drop down list to select and edit a command, and click the “Process” button. Download usage guide for the details. The results of the analysis will be put on an WorkSheet within Excel. Each of the software procedures has a link to “help” page with more detailed instructions and screen shot examples. All processing is done locally.




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