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Put the power back into your hands to determine how much electricity you are consuming and how much it costs. On a reduced or fixed income and trying to control electricity costs? Wondering why your electricity bill is so high? Wanting to lower your electricity costs? Interested in knowing how much each appliance costs - which one to buy? WattchIT was designed to provide a means of determining how much it costs to operate a particular electrical device. Would you buy a car without knowing how much fuel it consumes? WattchIT also provides a breakdown of such costs by floor and room as well as outdoors, garages or the entire home. In these days of high electrical costs, it's good to know how much an item will cost per day and month prior to purchasing it or during its use. Quickly determine what an appliance costs to operate Hourly, daily or by the month Monitor costs per room Monitor costs per floor Learn how to save TODAY !! Cost compare new appliances - which is cheaper to operate

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