DetachPipe for Outlook

Posted by download in Other, Software on 31-12-2009

Application details

Make Microsoft Outlook faster, more stable and easier to backup with DetachPipe - the email attachment processor. DetachPipe detaches email attachments, leaving a clickable link in place. You can specify a detach filename manually, or use filename placeholders to generate a new name automatically. DetachPipe identifies duplicate files, saving even More Space! Just like a normal email, DetachPipe re-attaches the files when the email is forwarded, and offers to delete the files when the email is deleted. With DetachPipe you can save, delete, compress or re-attach attachments, and even set DetachPipe to detach incoming attachments or delete outgoing attachments. It has an AutoDetach mode where attachments over a given size and Age are automatically detached every n days. Try It Today! * Upload large attachments to simplify sharing and get around sender's and recipients' attachment size limitations * Access attachments blocked by Outlook (.exe, .chm, and more) * Retain the attachment icon on emails for sorting and display purposes User Benefits Check out the powerful functions listed below: * A clickable hyperlink to the attachment is left in each email * Detach to the local machine or to UNC/Network paths (Pro only) * Duplicate attachments are detected and only a single copy saved * Large attachments can be uploaded to (optional account required) * Process email bodies with TextPipe Pro to modify text, Extract content or make arbitrary changes * Attachment numbering is handled automatically (e.g. multiple attachments called resume.doc will be renamed to resume.doc, resume1.doc, resume2.doc etc) * Attachments can be removed via the Recycle Bin for extra safety * Process emails in any .PST file or in Public Folders News: * Fixed the AutoDetach dialog appearing multiple times, and AutoDetach not triggering.




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