Clap Commander

Posted by download in Other, Software on 31-12-2009

Application details

The program allows for remotely controlling your computer from another part of the room by clapping your hands. Clap once – and Media Player will launch, clap twice – and make Media Player pause or start a movie over from the beginning, clap three times – and the computer will turn off. The program recognizes the sounds picked up by the Microphone and if they resemble a person clapping, a user-defined action will be performed. Now there is no need to Get Up and turn off the computer by hand when watching a movie at night: clap several times and the computer will turn itself off. Besides this, you can set the following actions for controlling your computer: log off, turn the display on/off, fast forward/ReWind Media Player files, transition to the next/previous slide in PowerPoint, and make the volume higher/lower.




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