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Posted by download in Other, Software on 11-02-2010

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Sayvoice Text to Speech Reader is a software which can convert your text documents to Wave and MP3 audio files, so you can listen to your documents on a regular or car stereo, CD, MP3 Player, or Pocket PC, or integrate spoken audio content into your product presentations. Sayvoice is also an online translating tool which allows you to provide your customers with speedy, multilingual translations in seconds. With a simple click, a non-English speaker can view articles in their own language. Whether you want to start podcasting or simply need to convert all of your ebooks into audio books,this software will convert any text you give it into easy to listen voice audio. You might have thought this would be a time consuming process but with this great software all you do is select the text and click a button. Thats all you do, which makes this one of the easiEST to use software programs we've come across in years. 12 Key Features 1)Reads text using text to speech technology. 2)Ability to save the speech as compressed mp3 or wav files (eg. to listen to the recording on your ipod). 3)Read/Save text or a selection of text. 4)Ability to read a selection of text in the internet browser. 5)Works within Internet Explorer, Notepad and almost all other text based programs. 6)You can install new voices if you don't like the default ones (any SAPI 5 voices can be used). 7)Intuitive and user friendly to make it as easy as possible to listen to text. 8)Online translation 9)Ability to change your software skins. 10)Online update your software any time. 11)High converting speed, wonderful output quality. 12)Windows Vista compatible.




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