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Macro Expert is a powerful macro program. It can greatly simplify your work, increase your productivity, and save you time and money. It can do whatever you do, from these simple tasks, moving the mouse pointer, keystrokes, selecting menus, pressing buttons, launching programs, showing messages and shutting down the computer, to the complex tasks, such as transferring data Between two applications, and testing software. Main Benefits * Break away from monotonous work Routine business processes like checking inventory, updating customer records, or generating reports are tedious and important. You have to type same texts carefully, and press the same buttons again and again. With the automation tool you can turn these Steps into a macro and let Macro Expert do it for you automatically. This will save you a lot of time. * Surfing Web Automatically Today, Web Browser is the most frequently used software. The macro automation software provides you with a group of actions for surfing Web, you may use them to away from the repetitious tasks on the Web: submitting the same data or testing web sites over and over again, logging into the site everyday. * Maintenance your computer or network at a time With macro scheduler, a macro can be played back at a specific time. For example, you can specify a macro to Playback at midnight to Delete Temp Files or refresh network settings. Version 1. Added the feature "Find..." to the Macro Editor. 2. Added the feature "Play selection" to Macro Editor. 3. Added the feature "Play from Here" to Macro Editor. 4. Added an action "End Process". 5. Improved the webpage actions. 6. Improved the window action which allow to search hidden windows.




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