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If you delete a file in Windows, this file isn't really deleted. Windows instead intentionally "forgets" where the file is located on the hard disk. It is possible to restore some of these files if they have not been overwritten on the hard disk. Our new tool FileWing can help you recovering unintentionally deleted files and can also help deleting files by overwriting them multiple times, so that they cannot be recovered anymore - by anyone! And the best thing: You can download FileWing completely free of charge! Take a look at our new Windows tool. FileWing - Features *Checks hard disks FileWing checks your internal and external hard disks and also USB-drivesand can identify files that have been deleted. If you mistakenly deleted some files, FileWing can recover these files in most cases. *Recovers lost files FileWing can Recover Deleted Files. Just name a folder where you want to ressurect you files and FileWing will do the rest. *Safely deletes FileWing uses different mehtods to delete data safely. You can choose Between 7 different algorithms, which overwrite the files-to-be-deleted with different patterns from 1 to 35 times. The methods we use are based on scientifically proven algorithms - now you can be sure that your deleted files will never show up again! *AbEasy FileWing's interface is easily usable. User-friendly wizards help you in every step of File Recovery or deletion. *Our Plus: 16 Years of Experience! We are experts in computer science. We have over 16 years of experience with creating software. - You'll have to search very hard to find another IT Company that can offer this amount of experience and quality.




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