Light Boogie sc

Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-02-2010

Application details

The Fader Rack offers full manual control of all DMX channels. The Fader Rack overlays two vertical 16 fader banks (A & B) on top of any of the 32 horizontal banks in the 512 DMX channel array. Bank A faders set the current output while Bank B holds the next preset. A 'bubble up' (B to A) and 'bubble down' (A to B) feature allows easy saving, setting or swapping of fader settings at any position in the 512 element channel array. Display levels are easily toggled Between % and DMX values. Bump buttons for each fader additionally can toggle between full on and full off settings. Your custom header color settings and text are easily set, saved and loaded from xml files. The Output Monitor is a display only window that tracks the selected Fader Rank bank and accurately depicts the actual DMX output in the selected bank.




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