SSuite Office – MonoBase

Posted by download in Other, Software on 13-02-2010

Application details

Features Available: - Create unlimited databases with unlimited tables, fields, and rows - Access any ODBC compatible database of any size, from 1 Kilobyte to 1 Terabyte - Filter tables instantly - Run SQL statements with the SQL Query engine - Create custom reports for all your databases - Full help file to assist you in creating custom Database Reports - Full administration capabilities of any ODBC compatible database through our SQL engine - Supports any SQL standard that your ODBC compatible database requires - Export your data to comma separated files - Print tables and queries straight from your data Grid - Ultra simple graphical-user-interface - Use MonoBase as an Interface to any ODBC compatible database - Open up to 5 databases simultaneously - Open up to 5 tables of the same database simultaneously - Monobase includes the Paradox ODBC Driver for complete compatibility for other database software *** NEW UPDATES *** - Tables now have referential integrity with primary and secondary keys - Master / Detail view on linked tables - Added 2D/3D charting on custom SQL Queries - Enhanced data handling for edit/insert and viewing of data




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