Simple Task Timer

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Application details

SimpleTaskTimer is a small desktop application that helps you track the time you spend on your projects. Once you set up the project, you can select a project's task and click on the start button. SimpleTaskTimer™ will start counting time against that task until you click on the pause button or start another task. Task Types In SimpleTaskTimer every task within a project is categorized through "task types" You create your list of task types with the actions you usually perform across projects and customers. Some examples could be: Writing, Programming, Proof Reading, Design, Phone Call, etc. Invoicer Create a professional looking invoice with your logo, then print it or save it as a PDF file. The flexible invoice Details allow you to show or hide the dates worked on each project, the amount of time, or the tasks. Every task can be set to be billed by the hour or a fixed amount. Reporting tool The powerful reporting tool will show you how you spend your time at a glance. Time & money by task type Between dates: see what percentage of your time you spend on each task type, the amount billed by task type, and the average Hourly rate by task type. Time & Money by customer between dates: see what percentage of your time you spend on each customer, the amount billed by customer, and the average hourly rate by customer. Core features: * Start and pause tasks with the click of a button * The counter works in the background while you work on your projects * See the money you are making and time spent at all times * Minimize SimpleTaskTimer™ to the windows' icon notification area, and start or stop tasks with a right click * Set the rate you to charge your customers for each individual task within a project * Select the billing mode as hourly or fixed for each task * Create a professional looking invoice with your logo and save it as a PDF file or print it




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