Axalot backup software

Posted by download in Other, Software on 24-02-2010

Application details

To save your datas Can you think what would happen if you lost the entire contents of your hard disk?Your important documents, pictures, music, your year's accounts, your professional files, etc.This mishap will never happen to you if you choose the Axalot online backup. Online hard drive To access your files online Thanks to Axalot, you can access the contents of your computer at any time and from any computer PC, even from your iPhone! To share your files online Share documents with friends and family with just a few clicks. An excellent way of sending big files. The most innovative file backup and sharing solution More secure than backups on CD, DVD or hard disk drives. More ingenious, with the Automatic Backup feature. You don't have to do anything! More economic, with the free 2 GB offer. You no longer need to buy Equipment. More practical, you can access all your data remotely from another computer or from an iPhone! More friendly with sharing pictures and sending big files.

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