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Posted by download in Other, Software on 24-02-2010

Application details

Track Package was started in mid-2005 by me, Dave Kahler. I tend to get a lot of packages, and was always annoyed at the copy-and-paste routine when an email didn't link up the tracking link for me. I decided to attempt a Firefox extension to fix this annoyance. A few days later, v0.1 of Track Package was born. I posted it on Mozilla's Extensions page with the hope that others would find it as useful as I did. Since then, I've received lots of emails from people grateful for not having to go through that annoying routine anymore. To everyone who has sent one of these emails, thank you. They're what keep me motivated to continue improving the extension. See the other pages on this website for more information on the extension. Here is a list of all features in the latest build of the extension: * Supports the following carriers by default: UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, Canada Post, Purolator. * Adds "Track Package" context menu option when highlighted text that matches a regular expression is clicked ("SMART-sense"). * Option to add explicit carriers to the context menu ("non-smart-sense"). * Option to open tracking number pages in a new window or a new tab. * Tracking history. * Toolbar button to automatically link all tracking numbers on the current page. * User-customizable regular expressions and URL strings. * Google Maps tracking via * Reading/Updating regular expression and URL definitions from a file hosted on this site.




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