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Application details

eMill is a flexible software that helps users intuitively and effectively handle, from a PC or any web browser, simple to very complex emailing projects. Features list: 1. Message Creation: The eMill editors and Email Templates let you create attractive messages whatever your technical knowledge is. And, thanks to the eMill professional tools, you build unique messages (PDF conversion, connection to CMS, intranet or web services). 2. List Building:eMill lets you turn any piece of stored information into a communication asset by creating a brand new contact list or by connecting to any type of data sources on the network. Thus, you do not loose time importing, exporting or synchronizing your data. 3. Message Personalization: You want to make your message unique for each receiver and stand it out among your competitors and the growing number of unsolicited emails (spam)? eMill provides unique personalization tools to serve your campaigns efficiency. 4. Message Delivery: eMill gives you access to different sending methods to ADAPT to your needs and your infrastructure. It also provides all the necessary tools to optimize your campaigns deliverability. 5. Message Tracking: The Message Tracking Module provides you with information on your contacts' behaviour when they receive a message from you. Thus, you are able to analyze the Impact of a campaign and you get the necessary data to build a one-to-one relationship. 6. Incoming Messages: The success of any emailing projects is based on your Capacity to automate the management of all kind of incoming messages easily and efficiently: subscriptions, unsubscriptions, web forms, bounces or requests for information. 7. Multi-User architecture:Whether you want to build a campaign with marketers, designers and scripters or you want to use eMill within your marketing, sales and accounting department, the eMill multiuser architecture allows you to adapt the solution to your needs.




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