VersionBackup Master

Posted by download in Other, Software on 24-02-2010

Application details

VersionBackup Master is a advanced file Backup systems, creating backup copies from your changed files each day. Compared to other backup programs, it has a considerably increased functionality. Each backup is saved in a separate data channel corresponding to the calendar date. Using the file path, file name and the date, the separate file versions can be found and recovered very easily. This is valid even if the backups have been archived on a CD, on a DVD or as online backups in the internet. Other backup software is restricted to the creation of backup copies. Functions to manage the existing backup stock usually are missing. The backup files will be overwritten each time, when a new backup version of a file is created. This way, the generally used backup software provides only the last copied backup for recovery. Older backup versions are not present yet. VersionBackup Master does not have these disadvantages. Here, the once created backups will continue existing. They will be managed as different versions. In the clearly arranged dialog pages, you can configure VersionBackup to make it work for you exactly to your requirements. Doing this, you will be assisted by wizards. For each configuration field, you can get additional information by clicking the help button. Many system administrators, who take care about a special level of security and availability of their backups, are creating a Full Backup each day. This is sensible, if they use the common backup software, because there is no support to manage the different backups. But a Full Backup each day waists a lot of storage space.




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