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Application details

This is a COM object which enables an ASP or other server side script to manipulate and resize image files. A wide range of functions are available to edit and enhance images. Features: * Resize and scale images. Create thumbnails from an ASP script. * Allows input as a file from the server, from a remote url, or as binary data from a database. * Accepts input direct from the csASPUpload component. * Send output to the server, or stream it to a database or browser. * Create compound images, pasting one on top of the other. * Place text onto the image using any installed font with optional antialiasing. Support for Unicode characters. * Perform simple image editing drawing lines and shapes with optional colour fills. * Uses JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PSD, PCX, TIF and WBMP formats and can convert Between them. Can export to PDF. * Read and edit IPTC text in JPG and TIF images. * Read and edit EXIF atributes from JPG and TIF files. * ICC Color Profiles can be preserved in JPG files.

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