[HotFile] Multi-Poster 4 Cracked

Posted by download in Software on 17-10-2010

Multi-Poster 4 Cracked

The Multi-Poster 4 is the latest release in the multi-poster series. Completely re-written, completely re-designed, and completely customizeable. The all-new sending engine sports lightning fast speeds, allowing users to send a single post to hundreds of forums in seconds!

* All major forum types supported (phpb2, phpbb3, ipb2, ipb3, vBulletin).
* Unlimited post que. Send as many posts as you like!
* Unlimited forums, add as many forums as you like!
* Complete BBCode-compliant post editor.
* Lightning fast - send up to 250 posts in less than 2 seconds!
* Unblockable - customizeable routines to avoid bot-detection and bot-blocking.
* Ultra-lightweight - barely even uses any CPU or memory.



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