Whisper IM

Posted by download in Software on 19-10-2010

Application details

Whisper IM is a secure IM client that provides end-to-end encryption over a XMPP/Jabber network. The Encryption system (The Whisper Protocol) is designed for instant messanging, is IM protocol and platform neutral. It uses 160bit Twofish keys, RSA (3072bit modulus) for session key encryption and DSS for signing. Give Whisper IM a try to see how useful it can be for keeping in touch with your friends! Here are some key features of "Whisper IM": · All standard instant messenging features (messages, one to one chat, group chat, online presence, etc.). · Signed and encrypted chat/messages/groupchat using strong crypto. · Gateway/Transport support - chat on ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, etc. · Clean and tidy user interface. · Easy to use. · Flexible visual and sound alerts. · Context sensitive help. · Service Discovery (Disco) Tool. · Multi-lingual capable (currently supports English UK/US, Deutsch (German), Française (French) and basic Svenska (Swedish). · SSL connections. · SOCKS Proxy support. · Highly configurable.




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