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Flash Screensaver Maker v5.0 | 5.10mb

Package favorite flash movies in one Screen saver. These movies can be played at one time or one by one. You or the end user can set many features of every movie such as playback range, time frame, scene domain, quality, background color etc.
Certainly, you can save the movies package as a screensaver installer and send it to your friends or sell them as your product. Flash Screensaver Maker lets you create professional windows screen saver which carries powerful settings from Macromedia Flash movies. If you want to package many flash movies, please select Flash Screensaver Maker.
Simply import your Flash animations into Flash Screensaver Maker, follow the various steps to customize your own Flash screensaver.

Update the program for creating screen savers from your favorite flash movies. Animations can be played one after another or simultaneously. With this you can set preferences for each animation, for example, duration, background color, etc. This screensaver can be stored in the executable file and send it to your friends by email. This release program small size distribution.

Professional Windows Screensavers

Flash Screensaver Maker generates real standard Windows Screensavers. Take a look at the following Preview and Settings screenshots all generated by Flash Screensaver Maker!

Easy-to-use Wizard

Flash Screensaver Maker comes with an extremely easy-to-use User Interface, for maximum efficiency.

Now you can build a saver in just two steps:
1.Drop some SWFs on the Flash Screensaver Maker window.
2.Click Build.
That's it!
Just add a few steps to create full featured screen savers.

Version 5.x For
Windows 95/98/ME and
Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Windows 7

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