[Multi] Diffraction Limited MaxIm DL Pro Suite 5.07

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WinApp | Diffraction Limited MaxIm DL Pro Suite 5.07 | 32.8 M

MaxIm DL is specifically designed for astronomical imaging and other low-light level applications. It operates scientific-grade CCD cameras, DSLR cameras, low-cost CCD imagers, and webcams and other video sources. It also controls filter wheels, focusers, autoguiders, telescopes, focal plane rotators, and observatory domes. A wide variety of hardware is supported through both ASCOM drivers and proprietary and third-party plug-in drivers.

MaxIm DL is the fastest and easiest way to image the night sky. Whether you want to produce stunning portraits, collect science data, or hunt for new objects, MaxIm DL has the tools you need. Version 5 adds a host of new capabilities, to make imaging and processing faster and easier than ever before possible.

Key Benefits

Complete observatory integration. Controls your camera, autoguider, filter wheels, focusers, camera rotator, telescope mount, and dome. ASCOM compliant.

Built-in mini-planetarium with AllSky and Zoom view helps you maintain "situational awareness":

See a whole sky overview, with the telescope position overlaid.

Zoom in on your target, with field-of-view of the camera superimposed.

Greatly enhanced object database and powerful search capabilites.

Instantly overlay images from the camera to help you identify targets.

Graphically control image plane rotator.

Redesigned camera controls for faster and easier imaging. Create your own presets for finding, centering, focusing, and LRGB sequences.

Multiple autodark buffers allow you to quickly switch between presets without reshooting darks.

Quickly change program configurations. If you use multiple camera/telescope setups, you can instantly reconfigure all software settings in just a few clicks.

Stack images much faster and easier:

Automatically identify stack groups by object ID and color filter - no more sorting through image files!

Automatically reject poor quality images based on criteria you choose.

Calibrate and/or color convert images on-the-fly during stacking.

Align images using a variety of automatic and manual alignment technqiues.

Color combines RGB and LRGB image sets, using a single alignment reference image.

Works from disk to save precious RAM.

Stack multiple images with hundreds of individual subexposures, just drop in a folder and click Go!

Includes a complete image processing toolkit, including a large variety of filters, deblooming, curves, deconvolution, color tools, and much more.

New in Version 5

New Processing Features

New image file thumbnails and both XP and Vista/7 style open/save dialog boxes

Load and save complete program configures

Processing log window

Star profile graph

New Stack command

Automatically or manually generate multiple stack groups, including complete LRGB groups

Automatically grade all images for quality, and only include images meeting your criteria

View grading information for individual images, with manual override

Export image grading information

Pre-measure alignment for all images prior to stacking

Calibrate on-the-fly during stacking; saves time and disk space - New Drizzle capability

Automatically perform LRGB stack after combine

All images in LRGB set are aligned to single reference image

Load up hundreds or thousands of images with multiple different targets, click Go, and MaxIm DL will automatically assemble all of your LRGB sets ready for final processing

Wavelet filters for image enhancement

Easier to use Color Convert (debayer), with presets for many popular camera models

Remove Background Color

New Program Levels

MaxIm DL Basic: webcams, DSI-style cameras, image processing

MaxIm DSLR: Basic plus DSLR support, focuser control, telescope control, astrometry, enhanced image processing

MaxIm DL Pro: all features including DSLR and CCD control, mini planetarium, AO, filter wheels, rotator, dome, photometry

MaxIm DL Pro Suite: Pro with MaxPoint telescope mount modelling and pointing refinement

MaxIm DL IP: all image processing and analysis features, no equipment control, reads DSLR Raw frames

New Equipment Control Features

Built-in Rotator control

Built-in Dome control with slaving, shutter operation

Support for second focuser and filter wheel for autoguider

Built-in mini planetarium with All Sky view and Zoom view

Instantly overlay camera images

Search extensive catalog database by multiple criteria

FOV indicator with Rotator control via mouse

Resizable display

See all equipment status at a glance

Autocenter now accepts PinPoint calibration

Automatic pier flip tracking

Autofocus V-curve display

Improved camera setup

Larger camera control window with most camera settings in one view

Camera control presets let you quickly change between your favorite settings for find, focus, center, and acquisition sequences

Instantly swap cameras

Improved focus information displays with trend graphs

User-configurable camera, guider, and focus status displays

Virtual keyboard for number entry in the dark

Version 5.07:

SBIG: Added support for SBIG STX series cameras. Fixed occasional unwarranted Error 100 status on filter wheel.

Flip-Flat: Added support for the Alnitak Astrosystems Flip-Flat. The Flip_Flat appears as a "filter wheel", and thus can be reconfigured during Autosave sequences. Twofilter wheels are now allowed when only one camera is connected; this is to support operating Flip-Flat simultaneously with a filter wheel.

Starlight Xpress: Added support for the Starlight Xpress filter wheel. Added Full Calibration capability for the Starlight Xpress AO unit. This will allow hot pixel subtraction during calibration and guiding. Prevented SX AO from crashing if not configured properly.

Meade DSI: Improved driver installation.

DSLRs: Revamped Olympus driver now supports E-1, E-300, E-330, E-400, E-410, E-500 and E-510 and works under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Vista 64. Updated Nikon redistributable files. Made minor tweaks to Canon driver.

ASCOM Cameras: Improved abort behavior. Improved status display on abort. Implemented HasShutter feature.

Orion StarShoot: Added support for the Orion StarShoot Monochrome III Deep Space Imager.

File menu Settings: Added option to auto-connect equipment on program start. Also added option to open the camera control window but notautomatically connect.

Audible Alarms: Redesigned Alarms user interface.

FITS files: Added FITS keys for focuser position, step size, and position. Added FITS key for rotator angle. Minor improvements to FITS Header Editor. User can now specify value for FITS keys that are normally auto-generated byMaxIm DL, if the auto-generation does not occur; for example, you can specify FILTER when no filter wheel is connected.

Filter Wheels: Focus offsets now automatically disable/enable temperature tracking as needed (some wheels do not permit move commands while temperature tracking is on). Improved focus offset initialization. Eliminated excessive filter wheel delays that could occur under certain circumstances.

Stack: If Set Calibration settings are changed, previous quality measurements are now automatically reset. Image names are now filtered to remove characters that are illegal for filenames. When classify by Object is off and Classify by Filter is on, LRGB subgroups are nowautomatically created. Fixed destination folder not being persisted. Improved handling of various anomalous conditions.

Set Calibration: Replace w/Masters now ignores disabled groups. Added more logging information. Settings are now written to disk more frequently.

Photometry: Fixed problem that could arise if the user did not set the reference star magnitude.

Autoguiding: Added new option to reverse both X and Y guiding outputs upon pier flip (useful when using the new TheSky-Controlled Telescope PulseGuide feature). Fixed problem with subframes when changing guider binning. Fixed problem with AO bump calibration at certain rotation angles. Fixed problem with Guider Settle by Distance during autosave sequences.

Observatory Control: Fixed a problem whereby image overlays could trigger PinPoint repeatedly. Fixed problem with Auto-Center calibration via PinPoint not handling angles properly.

Scripting: Added min and max pixel math functions.

Samples: Moved from My Documents to Program Files folder, to avoid reinstallation when creating a new user account.

Miscellaneous: Added FITS header keys FOCUSPOS, FOCUSSZ, FOCUSTEM, and ROTATANG. Fixed problem with restoring subframe settings after an autofocus run. Added Apogee INI files to the Obsolete Driver Pack. Improved window position restoration on multi-monitor systems. Improved editing of cells in list controls. Improved behavior of Virtual Keypad for combo boxes. Improved filtering of mouse clicks to prevent unintended changes to subframe and guide star selection. Fixed crash on drag-and-drop of Canon RAW files. Improved enabling/disabling of cooler control buttons. Coordinates can now be entered with colon delimitors. Fixed problem with rotation and subframe handling when swapping cameras. Improved Tracking Error Graph display. Presets now persist the camera choice. Minor improvements to focuser display. Fixed crash on Curves command save/load feature. Fixed persistence of Show Details in File Open/Save. Reordered "Files of type" dropdown for several commands. Force cached settings out to files prior to saving new Configuration. Fixed Exposure Delay feature in Continuous mode.


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