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Morph Man 4 - Powerful Video and Photo Morphing Software | 10MB

MorphMan 4.0 is the newest release of the most powerful morphing application for PC. This version introduces layers

which allow for creation of sophisticated morphing effects and easier integration with video compositing tools. Use full power of fast morphing algorithms, onion skin interface, live preview, vector shape tools, edge detection, and motion estimation for creation of hi-end photo-to-photo and video-to-video morphing.

What is morphing
What is layered morphing
Layers in MorphMan 4.0
Online lesson: Layered distortion

Older versions
System requirements
- Morphing movie to movie

MorphMan 4.0 greatly facilitates creation of amazing morphing transition between video clips by introducing Propagate function. Propagate uses motion estimation algorithm to automatically place transition markers on intermediate frames of video morphing project. Professional task of motion morphing is made easier by Animated Tutorials when MorphMan shows you all how-to's in automatic mode.

Read more about Video-to-Video morphing in MorphMan
- Morphing picture to picture MorphMan 4.0 offers powerful yet easy-to use tools to morph pictures using the most advanced and optimized algorithms.
- Compose final video using full-feature editor Morph Man 4.0 comes bundled with the full-featured video editor Video Man 3.0 complete with multitrack video and audio composition functions, dynamic effects, transitions, titling, color keying, and capture module
- A recognized leader in morphing technology Morph Man 4.0 is a new step in morphing technology which was being developed for more than 9 years and implemented in products that have won worldwide recognition, multiple awards and reviews, and millions of installed base.

Review: Review of MorphMan 3.1 in Tom Frank's Animation.Guide@About.com
Morph picture to picture
MorphMan 2000 is affordable tool for fast creation of quality morphing transition between still pictures. It has the same picture-to-picture morphing functionality as v.3.0 except for new key frame dynamics features. MorphMan 2000 DOES NOT include Video Man 3.0 and DOES NOT provide video-to-video morphing functionality.

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