[Multi] HDD Regenerator 2011

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HDD Regenerator is a unique program for regeneration of physically damaged hard disk
drives. It does not hide bad sectors, it really restores them!

Hard disk drive is an integral part of every computer. It stores all your information.
One of the most prevalent defects of hard drives is bad sectors on the disk surface.
Bad sectors are a part of the disk surface which contains not readable, but frequently
necessary information. As a result of bad sectors you may have difficulties to read
and copy data from your disk, your operating system becomes unstable and finally
your computer may unable to boot altogether. When a hard drive is damaged with
bad sectors, the disk not only becomes unfit for use, but also you risk losing
information stored on it. The HDD Regenerator can repair damaged hard disks without
affecting or changing existing data. As a result, previously unreadable and
inaccessible information is restored.

How it works
Almost 60% of all hard drives damaged with bad sectors have an incorrectly
magnetized disk surface. We have developed an algorithm which is used to repair
damaged disk surfaces. This technology is hardware independent, it supports many
types of hard drives and repairs damage that even low-level disk formatting cannot
repair. As a result, previously unreadable information will be restored. Because of the
way the repair is made, the existing information on the disk drive will not be affected!

Can the HDD Regenerator repair your drive?
Almost 60 % of damaged hard disks can be repaired by regeneration.
You can always download free demo version and try to regenerate the first found bad
sector. The main purpose of the unregistered demo version is to display a report
which contains information about the possibility to regenerate the entire disk by
means of the registered full version. If the first found bad sector has been
successfully regenerated, you can buy the product to regenerate all bad sectors on
your hard drive. If the first bad sector has NOT been successfully regenerated, then
replace your hard disk drive as soon as possible.

Program features:

* Fast hard drive problems detection.
* Ability to detect physical bad sectors on a hard disk drive surface.
* Ability to repair physical bad sectors (magnetic errors) on a hard disk surface.
* No data losses in any mode!
* Corrupted data recovery (making unreadable data readable)
* User friendly intuitive interface
* Easy of use, no complex settings.
You do not need to change a lot of
complicated and unnecessary settings.
We have already set up the product for you for best performance and results.
We save your time!
* The product ignores file system, scans disk at physical level. It can be used with
FAT, NTFS or any other file system, and also with unformatted or unpartitioned disks.
* Drive statistics
* Starting process directly under Windows XP / Vista / 7.
* Bootable regenerating flash can be created from the program and used to automatically start regenerating process.
* Bootable regenerating CD / DVD allows starting regenerating process under DOS automatically.
* Working with any existing file system without losses of any data
* Working with any operating system without losses of any data (bootable regenerating CD / DVD or flash should be used for non-Windows operating systems)

Comparing to previous versions, the new 2011 code has been completely reworked. Here are some of improvements of the new version:

* Prescan mode (very useful for fast determination of bad sectors location, if a
hard drive has a large number of bad sectors. Saves your time. Bad hard drives are
scanned in this mode even faster than good drives!)
* Normal scan mode has faster scanning speed
* 4K sector size support
* Automatic process resume in any mode (except CD/DVD)
* Multiple hard drives better support
* Real-time hard drive state monitor (will be available soon, currently limited)
* Other enhancements (including temperature indicator, convenient range of
sectors selection, bad SMART status indication, overheating indication, etc.)

Important notes
Since the program does not change the logical structure of a hard drive, the file
system may still show some sectors marked earlier as "bad", and other disk utilities
such as Scandisk will detect logical bad sectors even though the disk has been
successfully regenerated and is no longer damaged by physical bad sectors.
If you want to remove these marks, repartition the hard disk drive.


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